Phillies want Lincoln in a deal for Victorino

Phillies eying Lincoln in a deal for Victorino

• The Phillies continue to talk to a bunch of teams about Shane Victorino, although their recent hot streak has left them more up in the air than ever about whether to trade a core player such as Victorino, whom they can’t easily replace. Their asking price has been a young, but proven, setup reliever, plus a young outfielder or third baseman. But to get Victorino moved, said an official of one club, they’re going to have to cut that price in half. Other teams expect them to narrow their focus eventually just to young relievers. Among the names we hear they’ve asked about: Pittsburgh’s Brad Lincoln, Tampa Bay’s Wade Davis, Cleveland’s Vinny Rottino and Cincinnati’s Logan Ondrusek.

via Latest deadline dealings — All eyes on Brewers’ Zack Greinke – ESPN.


From the other day:


One comment

  1. No way would I trade Lincoln for Victorino. Hunter Pence maybe…

    I would like to see McGehee spot starting, either being replaced by Garrett Jones at 1B or another 1B via trade. If the Bucs can find a legit 5-hole hitter, then Barmes in the lineup due to his defense makes sense. Until then, I’d prefer he be a defensive replacement for a few games to learn what Jordy Mercer can do.


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