Jon Morosi: Pirates refusing to part with Marte and Taillon

Here’s something new.  Jon Morosi is reporting this morning that in negotiations thus far, the Pirates have refused to offer Starling Marte.  I’d love to see how the Pirates could try to acquire Justin Upton without giving up the top two pitching prospects in Taillon and Cole, or their top major-league ready bat in Starling Marte.

For now, though, Upton is a fantasy. Huntington thus far has refused to part with minor league outfielder Starling Marte or right-hander Jameson Taillon. At least one — and maybe both — would represent a fair price for a player of Upton’s ability (fourth in the NL MVP vote last year) and cost certainty (three years at $38.5 million, starting in 2013).

Another interesting part of this article

The Pirates have a reputation for overrating their own prospects — an earnest trait, but one that has resulted in trade proposals other GMs find baffling. Huntington is proud of the farm system he has built, and rightfully so. But now is the time to deal away the likes of Marte and/or Taillon, so the Pirates have a better chance to win at the major league level.

Marte, 23, and Taillon, 20, are well-regarded prospects, but let’s be honest: We’re not talking about the next Mike Trout and Clayton Kershaw. Marte is roughly one year younger than Upton and has yet to spend a day in the big leagues. Taillon, the same age Kershaw was at the time of his big league debut, has a 4.43 ERA this season at high Class A.

Go check out the rest of the article and stay tuned as there seems to be more updates on the Upton situation daily.

via Pittsburgh Pirates must grab chance to step up in NL Central – MLB News | FOX Sports on MSN.


We also have Ken Rosenthal reporting once again that there is no fit:

The Pirates have shown considerable interest, but the D-Backs do not see a fit, sources say.

via James Shields, Evan Longoria play roles in Tampa Bay Rays’ uncertain plans as trade deadline looms – MLB News | FOX Sports on MSN.


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